The Copenhagen Project

by Nadja

Min kontorfælle, dagligdagsinspirator, blogmentor og faglige legekammerat – Reboot-arrangøren + en hulens masse andet – Thomas Madsen-Mygdal har lige annonceret nyheden om sit “Copenhagen Project”.

Med hans egne ord sakset direkte fra bloggen er baggrunden og formålet:

A couple of months ago i “met” a talented bloke Jeppe Kabell in a comment thread in the latest flamebait between mainstream media folks and edge-media folks about protecting old business models, free vs. paid, amateurs vs. professionals, paper vs. digital and objectivity vs. subjectivity. All discussions that in our opinion is taking us away from the essential issue “how do we as humans keep up to date with what’s happening in the world and make sense of it all” – in a world where our capability to deal with complex issues is urgently needed.
We’ve therefore started an open research project to look at interesting projects and experiments, research theory of sense making and the tools people use to stay up-to-date, interview interesting people, challenge core issues of complexity, objectivity and commitment and highlight possible tools, directions and improvements that would represent the media ecosystem of tomorrow.

Meget mere på The Copenhagen Project. Følg med, følg med. Det kan næsten kun blive spændende!